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Orville Peck - Kalahari Down

Artista: Orville Peck

Música: Kalahari Down

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Kalahari Down Letra

I was born in the badlands, honey
Strange place for a boy to drown
Spent my days on a mountain, baby
12 miles north of Sofiatown

You’ve been gone away – I’ve been riding around
Running out the days – writing out a song
On my daddy’s guitar
Did you find your way? Skip another town?
Said I couldn’t stay but it’s different now
Yippee ki yi yay – I’m always down
For hanging around

Left to borrow, gone tomorrow
Maybe there ain’t a trail to follow
Better off alone if you ask me
Travel lucky, Kawasaki
Maybe next time I’ll take you with me
And I still hear the sound
The wind come up – Kalahari down
Kalahari down

Polishing your whip – never drove it far
Circling the veld – spitting in the jar
On your daddy’s farm
You’d say you’re afraid, tell me not to frown
L’o play a song, you’d dance around
Yippee yo ki yay – we’d hit the ground
Still tumbling down

What do I know? A buncha sorrow
Promises of a desperado
Through the rusty sky I feel the breeze
Where do we go? Mendocino?
Maybe someday you’ll get to see all
The places that Torino’s never been
And I still hear the sound
Wind come up – Kalahari down
Kalahari down

Left to roam on a reckless wander
Raising sand on the setting sun
Keep an eye on that dusty highway
Tell my mother I’m nearly done
And I still hear the sound
Wind come up – Kalahari down
Kalahari down