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Orville Peck - Hexie Mountains

Artista: Orville Peck

Música: Hexie Mountains

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Hexie Mountains Letra

Blue child – repeat it in your head
Young man – fill yourself with dread
“Come home,” the Hexie Mountains said
To begin another end
It don’t feel right to see you, friend
And wouldn’t it be nice if I could sleep in my own bed?
The Hexie Mountains said

What happens when the well has dried?
Take me down the dusty side
I can’t find the words so I guess it’s time
To move on once again
Down the path less tread
And wouldn’t it be nice if I could let the dead stay dead?
The Hexie Mountains said

Take me far enough to say we’re gone
I haven’t been out in so long
Noah called to write a song
I’m not saying I’m not scared
That the wind’ll blow and stick my stare
But wouldn’t it be nice if I could hold it off again?
Wouldn’t it be swell if I could get things off my chest?
“Maybe you’d learn to live with what’s inside your head”
The Hexie Mountains said